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HiFi accessories

Whether spikes, washers or absorber feet - the hifi components of aipcalc offer the right accessory for every need.

With us you will find inexpensive but still high quality speaker accessories such as speaker spikes to decouple the floor surface or discs, pucks or floor protectors.

Our HiFi components are made of high quality stainless steel and offer an enormous sound gain through the different possibilities of acoustic decoupling of high-quality devices.

For undisturbed music enjoyment, it would of course be ideal if hi-fi equipment and loudspeakers could float in the air, because the nature of the floor space and the type of acoustic coupling have a considerable influence on the sound quality. This seems rather unrealistic...

However, sound tuning is possible with spikes and absorbers. With their help, speakers and devices on concrete, parquet, laminate or tile floors can be acoustically either coupled or decoupled.

By using spikes or picks, vibrations are only transmitted to the floor surface via four tiny contact points. This type of acoustic coupling largely eliminates resonance vibrations. This is especially advantageous for loudspeakers, since they not only stand more stable, but the individual speakers can also be controlled more precisely.

When used on hard floors (concrete, wood, tiles, etc.), it is recommended to use additional washers. This ensures that the floor is not scratched and that the spike tips are not damaged.

But not only loudspeakers want to be placed on their own feet. Proper placement is also important for the electronics in amplifiers, turntables and subwoofers, since vibrating components can change the properties of the circuit boards and thus the tuning of the entire

We will be happy to advise you on which hifi components are suitable for your application.

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