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Nuts and Thread insert

In the field of fastening technology, the nut (short form for screw nut) is the counterpart of a screw or threaded bolt provided with an internal thread. Nut and screw or threaded bolt together form a screw connection.

Nuts are available with different types of threads. Among others, there are metric ISO thread, metric ISO fine thread, trapezoidal thread, inch thread as coarse (UNC) and fine thread (UNF), Whitworth thread and many more - just to name the most popular thread types.

The shapes of nuts are as diverse as their applications. The outer contour can be designed as a hexagon, square, wing, knurl, groove or cross hole, for example. Depending on the shape, the nut is tightened with an open-end wrench, manually or with a hook wrench.

We offer nuts in various shapes made of stainless steel with metric ISO standard thread according to DIN 13-1. Which type of nut you need depends on the intended use (see the respective product description).
We will be happy to help you select the right nut for your application.

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