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Drive-in nuts
stainless steel V2A

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Product Dimensions

thread size ddrill diameter d1 in mmouter diameter d2 in mmheight h2 in mmthread pitch
P in mm
M45,4 bis 6,01570,7
M56,2 bis 6,81780,8
M67,2 bis 8,01991,0
M89,2 bis 10,022111,25
M1011,5 bis 12,525121,5
M1213,5 bis 15,027131,75

Product Description

  • Drive-in nuts made of stainless steel
  • Fastener for the production of heavy-duty, wear-resistant and metric threads in soft materials for example wood, chipboard, MDF panels, aluminum or plastics
  • 4 retaining claws to prevent rotation
  • ISO metric standard thread DIN 13-1
  • completely made of stainless steel V2A
  • sizes: M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12
Can also be used as a threaded bushing, e.g.:
  • for loudspeakers + boxes as internal thread for bases etc.
  • for furniture making in kitchen, bathroom or living room
  • for interior finishing of motorhomes or boats
  • for handles and eyelet mounting in cars + vans
  • in wood construction of any kind

Pin nuts, or impact nuts, are used to fasten components into wooden panels. They have a continuous metric internal thread (ISO standard thread DIN 13-1) and can be hammered into the wood in pre-drilled holes. Tips for use can be found under Things to know.

The photos shown are sample images - you will of course receive the size and quantity you selected.

Things to know:
To ensure safe centering of the drive-in nuts without damaging the drive-in nut and the material, the correct pre-drilling diameter must be selected. This depends on the material, soft materials such as pine wood, etc. can be pre-drilled smaller, for hard materials such as aluminum, the pre-drilling diameter of the drive-in nuts should be selected accordingly larger.

If drive-in nuts are pre-drilled too small, this leads to compression of the sleeve, and possibly to damage to the internal thread. If the pre-drilling diameter is selected too large for impact nuts, this leads to poorly centered impact nuts in the drill hole. The sleeves of drive-in nuts are chamfered, so it is not necessary to countersink the drill holes. Drive-in nuts are always driven in with a plastic or rubber hammer.

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