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Product Dimensions

Explanation of the dimensions
  • lm = length of the metric ISO standard thread according to DIN 13-1
  • lh - length of the wood thread
  • l - total length of the screw
  • TX - size of the TORX drive

Product Description

  • Stainless steel hanger bolts
  • ISO metric standard thread DIN 13-1
  • Opposite side with wood thread
  • Hexagon socket (TORX) as drive
  • d = M6: No key flap between the threads
  • d = M8: with key flap SW6 between the threads for length 80 - 140 mm (all other lengths without key flap)
  • Completely made of stainless steel V2A
  • Sizes: M6, M8
  • When ordering, please select the desired diameter and length of the hanger bolt under Size.

Hanger bolts have a metric ISO standard thread on the head according to DIN 13-1. The opposite wood or dowel thread is screwed into a wall, for example. They are used to fasten heavy objects with a nut to wood, masonry, natural stone or concrete (e.g. mounting a sink to the wall). Furthermore, they are used in ceiling suspensions for cable trays, pipes, trusses or for fastening substructures in the solar sector.

Our hanger bolts are made of stainless steel V2A and can be used indoors and outdoors. The drive is made by a hexagon socket (TORX drive). Some screw sizes have an additional wrench flat between the threads. Both threads are right-hand threads.

You can find the product-specific dimensions in our image gallery.

The photos shown are sample images - you will of course receive the size and quantity you have selected.

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