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Countersunk timber screws, TX+PT stainless steel V2A

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Product Dimensions

screw diameter d in mmhead diameter dk in mmhead height k in mmdrive

Product Description

  • Countersunk timber screws with partial thread and TX drive made of stainless steel
  • wood thread (partial thread)
  • TORX TX internal thread as drive
  • completely made of stainless steel V2A
  • diameter : 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm

Countersunk timber screws or chipboard screws are versatile, for example in the fastening of wood or chipboard to wooden beams, the construction of furniture or to attach fittings. The variant we offer made of V2A is ideally suited for using outdoors and in damp rooms.

The screws are partially threaded, i.e. the thread is only on the lower part of the screw. The thread-free part should be at least equal to the thickness of the plate that is to be screwed. This way, the thread tightens in the lower piece of wood, while the upper piece of wood is pulled tight to the lower one via the screw head. The countersunk head allows for a flush connection.

The specified screw lengths are measured with head. The first number indicates the total length of the screw, the second number indicates the length of the wood thread. Example 60/36: screw = 60 mm, thread = 36 mm.

The TORX drive achieves optimum power transmission. This form of drive enables simple, safe and fast screwing in from the attachment to the countersinking of the screw. Pre-drilling can be largely dispensed with. However, we always recommend an application test.

The photos shown are sample images - you will of course receive the size and quantity you selected.

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