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Assortment of nuts, srews and washers

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Product Dimensions

NOR 8“ Organizer

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 195 x 155 x 35 mm
  • Number of compartments: 4-10 compartments
  • Material: high-strength PP plastic (polypropylene)

NOR 12“ Organizer

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 290 x 195 x 35 mm
  • Number of compartments: 5-20 compartments
  • Material: high-strength PP plastic (polypropylene)

Assortment content

Nuts assortmens
DIN 93460754560301515
DIN 98540503040201010
DIN 1587405030502055
DIN 692340503040201010
Empty boxunstuffed

MIX 1 - 800 pieces
DIN 6923455035402010
DIN 985455035402010
DIN 1251802001401608040

MIX 2 - 700 pieces
Cylinder head screws DIN 912each 10x M5/12, M5/16, M5/20, M5/25, M5/30, M6/12, M6/16, M6/20, M6/25, M6/30
Washers DIN 125each 100x DI=5,3 und DI=6,4
Washers DIN 9021each 50x DI=5,3 und DI=6,4
Hexagon nuts DIN 934each 100x M5 und M6
Self-locking nuts DIN 985each 50x M5 und M6

Product Description

Our assortment boxes provide you with a comprehensive set of nuts and/or washers in different sizes for a wide range of applications and fields of use.

The parts in our assortment boxes are completely made of stainless steel V2A. All nuts and screws have a metric thread (ISO standard thread DIN 13-1). The hexagonal outer contour of the nuts is tightened with a wrench.

Detailed information as well as the product-specific dimensions for the various DIN can be found under the corresponding products in our store:

Our nut sets are all supplied in the convenient NOR 8" organizer with adjustable compartments that can be adjusted as needed and sturdy handle. The transparent lid makes the contents visible without having to open the sorting box. Mixed sets come in the larger NOR 12" organizer.

Alternatively, we also offer the organizers as empty boxes.

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