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Hinges solid version stainless steel V2A

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Product Description

  • solid stainless steel single-joint hinges
  • completely made of stainless steel V2A
  • rolled, inseparable design
  • maximum rotation angle of 270°

Hinge is the colloquial name for a joint that can be rotated around an axis, used especially as a fitting for flaps and doors on furniture, boxes and other containers. Today there are many different designs of hinges.

The hinges we offer are so-called single-joint hinges, which are designed to be inseparable (i.e. joint axis/pin is firmly riveted) and have a maximum angle of rotation of 270°. The design is also called simple or rolled hinge. They are made from two strips of sheet metal, one side of each of which is bent over (rolled) to form several cylindrical rollers. The rollers of the two sheets are then positioned so that a pin can be inserted through the center of the rollers. Often these hinges are also referred to as wing or leaf hinges.

Our hinges are made of A2 stainless steel, making them suitable for long-lasting outdoor installation. The countersunk drill holes (2 to 3 per sash, depending on the hinge size) allow for easy fastening with screws.

If you need several hinges, simply enter the desired number in the shopping cart under quantity.

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