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Tension lock / closing lever stainless steel V2A

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Product Description

  • tension lock resp. closing lever made of stainless steel
  • solid and stable - high load capacity
  • long service life, high number of actuation cycles
  • easy to open and close by hand
  • various application possibilities and areas of use
  • completely made of stainless steel V2A

A tension lock resp. closing lever is a safe, mechanical quick-locking system that can be easily opened and closed by hand. The toggle leverage when closing the latch builds up a tensile force that is many times the actuating force.

Tension locks resp. closing lever can therefore withstand high tensile loads, which is advantageous for closing a gasket or neatly connecting housing covers. Likewise, tension locks are used for closing crates, chests, cases and boxes. The tightening action simultaneously ensures that the closure design becomes and remains vibration-resistant.

In the end position, the lever lock is self-locking, since shortly before reaching the end position, the "lever dead center" is exceeded. I.e. an opening without force is then not possible.

The photos shown are sample images - you will of course receive the size and quantity you selected.

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