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Eyebolts cast with metric thread stainless steel V2A

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Product Dimensions

thread size dring heigth h
in mm
heigth e in mmlength l in mmtensile strenght in N/mm²
M629≈ 6≈ 13500
M834≈ 6≈ 13500
M1042≈ 7≈ 19500
thread size ddiameter d2
in mm
outer diameter d3
in mm
inner diameter d4 in mm
M6≈ 15,5≈ 26,5≈ 16
M8 ≈ 18,5≈ 35≈ 20
M10≈ 23≈ 43≈ 24

Product Description

  • cast eyebolts with metric thread made of stainless steel
  • metric ISO standard thread DIN 13-1
  • completely made of stainless steel V2A
  • sizes: M6, M8, M10

The eyebolts we offer are cast and have a smooth and polished surface. Their dimensions and load capacity are similar to those of forged eyebolts according to DIN 580. However, the use of cast eyebolts in safety-related areas is prohibited!

These eyebolts can be used for light lifting and carrying activities without any special requirement such as for barrier chains and light tensioning work, in fence construction as well as for fixing other fastening elements in decorative requirements. The eyebolts made of stainless steel A2 are also suitable for long-lasting installation in outdoor areas.

The photos shown are sample images - you will of course receive the size and quantity you selected.

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